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Just to clarify things and make sure EVERYONE is on the same page here, Let us first emphasize


We’re NOT going to give you the age old attempt of a “bogus convincing story” which usually
accompanies Pre-Launches, Ponzi schemes and “MLM affiliate marketing campaigns”,

for 2 simple reasons;

1) Because this is NOT an MLM or Ponzi Scheme

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2) Because once you understand this system,
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Do you know how the Job/Candidate matching services work?

(ie: Personal job searching, Headhunter services, Mega Job Searching Services, Employer/Candidate

Matching Services or Placement Agencies etc…)?

For those of you who don’t, let us simply illustrate what we’re talking about here;

“How many times have you sent out resumes that gave you Zero Feedback?
How many hours have you spent writing intro letters where you’ve poured
your heart and soul out in dynamic creative writing, making it irresistible
for any employer to call you and absolutely want to meet you?

And then there’s the ‘odd occasion’ when you finally

get an appointment for an interview.

You’re jumping with joy about that long awaited and

“search task crunching” interview…

“So you bus or drive to the place and meet the horse face to face.”
AND, You walk out of the office smiling with absolute certainty

that you’re going to be hired!

The meeting was terrific!

You’ve even been telling ALL your friends and family that

you’re sure to get the job… it’s a done deal!

Two days later the call comes in and you answer with fervent excitement because

you just ‘Know’ you got that job…..

But then BOOM! It’s the HR department with that same as usual negative call….

“We’re sorry but we complemented the position,

your candidature was not retained”

You definitely know what we are talking about right…?!

You see, literally “Millions” of job seekers have been through

this exact same discouraging scenario

regardless of their;

Many just give up and take a job at MacDonald’s and flip hamburgers

with a Master’s degree in their backpocket! Just staying pumped is a job in itself…

But now, with the introduction of this new concept, approach

and problem solving technology, “the tide has just turned 180 degrees!”

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